This is a place for my opinions on what I read, some movies or whatever else I find interesting. I love reading. I can find something positive about everything I read, at least I hope I can. I understand it takes a great deal of love and effort to write a book and to get it published. An author does not set out to write a crappy book, this is/was their baby. They got up at all hours of the night to feed it.

I don't see how you can give a true review of a book rushing through it. Don't you need to savor it a bit? I don't want my opinion to discourage anyone from reading. I hope you find something here you find interesting.

I buy most of my books, I get a few ARC, and I visit my library when my funds are low. I'm not trying to get you to buy anything by my opinions on the books I've read. I don't care if you buy it, borrow it, or check it out at the library. Just read. :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Dewey's Read-a-Thon

Hi Everyone. This is my first read-a-thon!!!!
I don't know how long I will actually read, but I know I won't be doing the whole 24 hrs. straight. In between reading I'll update on here and on twitter, so please stop by and say hi.
My plan:(I have good intentions but lets see) Get up @5am, because I'm in Las Vegas, do a twitter update then begin reading. I will update periodically, not sure how often.
Above is a few books I will be reading. I don't know how many I'll finish but I wanted to have options encase reading one gets stale. I ordered Her Sanctuary and it hasn't arrived as of yet, but it might get here today or tomorrow. And Green Witch is in transit from the library so I hope it will make it in time.
My goal would be to finish book 1 of The Secret Circle and start book 2. Finish After You and Green Witch. These are probably not realistic goals for me because I'm a slow reader for one, and I won't be able to participate all 24 hours.
I'll list some mundane things like what I'm snacking on, what page I'm on and how I'm progressing. I hope you stop by and leave a comment :) Good luck to everyone who is also participating :)

5 am: Ok I'm up. I started the coffee which the thought of is making me sick. Is that even possible?
I'm starting with After You by Julie Buxbaum I was already on page 28.
Morning everyone. :)

Hour 1: Reading time= 40 min. Pages=20
Hour 2: Reading time= 30 min. Pages=17 Snacks=coffee & donuts
Hour 3: Visiting readers websites wishing them well.
Hour 4-5: Reading time= 45 min. Pages=31
Hour 6: Reading time= 40 min. Pages: 29
Hour 7: Reading time= 26min. Pages= 13 Still reading: After You by Julie Buxbaum going to take a break now for a bit.
Hour 8: Spent time wishing others well on their blogs :) and did a mini challenge. Time for lunch and a break.
Hour 9-12: Break
Hour: 13 Reading time= 60min. Pages= 47 Snacks: Strawberries Got a book I ordered today int the mail, so that will be good for tonight.
Hour 14: Reading time= 20 min. Pages= 15 Snacks: water & Crunch'n Munch Did a mini challenge.
I'm on about page 200 of After You by Julie Buxbaum. I have to re-adjust my goals a bit. I hope to finish this book and half way through another. I'm amazed at how fast some of the read-a-thon readers read. From 7pm-10pm I won't be reading as much, but I hope late tonight to be able to read a lot without distractions. Good luck everyone :)
Hour 15-16: Break
Hour 17: Reading Time= 24min. Pages= 15
Hour 18: Reading Time= 28min. Pages= 13
Hour 19: Reading Time= 24min. Pages= 15 I'm getting distracted, need to be reading more. My goal might change again to just be able to finish one book.
Hour 20: Goal is to read most of this hour. It's hour 20!!!!
Reading Time= 45min. Pages= 28
Hour 21: I'm getting tired. Reading Time= 45min. Pages= 26
Hour 22: Reading Time= 60min. Pages= 40 Finished the book!
Hour 23: Reading Time= 15min. Pages= 10
Hour 24: Reading Time= 18 min. Pages= 20
I'm reading The Secret Circle by L.J. Smith. This is my first time reading a L.J. Smith book it's kind of cheesy but I'm liking it a lot. I was on about page 78 before the read-a-thon. I since have ordered book 2 of this series and since I enjoy watching The Vampire Diaries so much I ordered book 1 of that series.


  1. Congrats on getting up at 5am! I couldn't do it - I got up at 7 instead ;)

    Keep up the great reading!

  2. Thanks alitareads :)
    Good luck 2 you 2. 7 is still very early for a Saturday.

  3. You are doing great for your first R-A-T. I just stopped by to cheer you on and leave a little poem.

    If I could have one wish,
    I know what I would say.
    Just give me my books,
    And let me read all day.

    Happy Reading.

    --from your cheerleader, Margot

  4. Looks like you're doing great. I've kinda taken a coupla hours off, too.

  5. You're doing nicely with your very first read-a-thon and it's great to see your progress! I hope you were able to meet your goals. Enjoy that you're learning in this process of read-a-thon-ing.
    "Our high respect for a well read person is praise enough for literature."~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~
    Best wishes and hope to see you again!


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