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I don't see how you can give a true review of a book rushing through it. Don't you need to savor it a bit? I don't want my opinion to discourage anyone from reading. I hope you find something here you find interesting.

I buy most of my books, I get a few ARC, and I visit my library when my funds are low. I'm not trying to get you to buy anything by my opinions on the books I've read. I don't care if you buy it, borrow it, or check it out at the library. Just read. :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Her Sanctuary

AUTHOR: P.Q. Glisson
PAGES: 327
WEBSITE: http://hersanctuarybypqglisson.blogspot.com/
ACQUIRED: Purchased
GENRE: Romance

SUMMARY: (from book jacket)
Shannon Mallory was a woman on the run...not from outside forces but from her own wounded heart. When she pulled up into the parking lot of "The Last Resort Cafe" in the town of "Sanctuary," little did she know she would find the one thing she never even knew she was searching for...true love.

OPINION: The Chemistry between the main characters, Seth and Shannon, was HOT, HOT, HOT. Sexy Indian? Check. Sexy shower scenes? Check. Intense romance? Check. This book had all of those. These two are always at each other, in the sense, if they were made of candy they'd eat each other alive. I really don't think they could ever, in a lifetime, get enough of one another. Seth has a beautiful mane, mysterious eyes, rock hard tanned body. Shannon is beautiful with eyes you could swim in. If you could rely on Seth to do one thing, that would be to scoop Shannon up. He was always sweeping her off her feet. There is no doubt the author was able to betray how crazy these two where for each other. She made me blush a time or two.
I did have a few problem with the book, like how fast Shannon fell for Seth. She was in a previous abusive marriage. Her parents basically sold her when she was sixteen to be a sex slave . So,with all this abuse she once endured I figured she'd be more reserved instead of basically meeting Seth one day, and what seemed like a week later, planning their wedding. I also didn't understand how quick she considered Irene and Paddy family. I just thought she'd be more guarded towards people and especially towards men.
One of the main problems I had with the book is it contained many errors, the story was a little choppy and the switching between pov's was confusing. It is more in the shape of an arc not a polished book. That would be fine, but I paid $18 for a soft cover book. The book needed more editing in my opinion.
There where points where Seth's temper made me think Shannon was crazy for being with him. The time frames for some of the events were unbelievable. I was under the impression this was a small town. How did Seth practically build a whole downstairs apartment, with huge wall length windows, and have time to pick out the littlest details like Shannon's art smock, within the short time she was in the hospital? I had to just make myself stop questioning so much and just sit back and enjoy the story. Once I stopped trying to rationalize every little thing, it was quite an enjoyable read.
I believe the book is self published, and for that, I'm glad I purchased the book.
I also noticed the epilogue was written more smoothly. And I thought the ending was great. I was left with wishing there were more chapters to come. The author was very good at portraying the intense love scenes. I will definitely read one of her books again and wish her much success.

I just learned this author is working on a young adult book called "Fairy." Looking forward to reading it.

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