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Monday, May 31, 2010

Wicked Lovely

AUTHOR: Melissa Marr
PAGES: 328
WEBSITE: http://www.melissa-marr.com/
TWITTER: @melissa_marr

Aislinn has always been able to see faeries. She was born with the Sight, the gift/curse her mother and grandmother passed along to her. She detests the vile little creatures and has spent most of her life pretending she can't see them. Afraid of what they might do to her if they learned of her gift, Aislinn has lived in two different worlds. One where she if just another teenage girl hanging out with friends, one where she sees the evil little creatures everywhere she goes.
When things, finally, start getting romantic with her friend Seth, everything becomes complicated, more than she could have ever imagined. Aislinn just wants to be a normal teenager where she goes to school, plans for college, and spends every moment she can discovering her first love.
When the Summer King decides Aislinn is the chosen one, there's no stopping him from pursuing her. Once the Summer King chooses you, you will be his one way or another. You slowly become one of the fey and either you chose to become a Summer Girl, one of the many that are there just to please the king, or you risk it all and take the Winter Queens staff in your hands and pray you are the true chosen one, the Summer Queen. The consequences are high if you hold the staff and are not indeed the true queen, you will become the Winter Girl. The Winter Girl's life is not one anyone would chose. It is a lonely cold existence. Many girls chose to become a Summer Girl instead, most actually do, it is quiet rare for one to have the love and confidence that they are the sure Queen.
When Keenan, the Summer King, chooses Aislinn, he soon discovers how different she is and knows without a doubt she will be the Summer Queen. The only thing is , Aislinn has no interest in Keenan, she is in love with Seth. She has no desire to be the Summer Queen. She likes her life the way it is. But even Aislinn can't deny the signs that point to her as the queen. And she must make a choice to take the staff or not.
Many could die if she denies her role. The Summer King and Winter Queen have been at war for sometime and if the Summer King finds his true queen he will be given back his full power and able to save his summer fey. The world is slowly becoming colder and colder with the Winter Queen having so much control. Soon even mortals will suffer unless balance is restored.
Saving so many could mean losing so much. Could she really stand beside and rule next to one she does not love? Could she walk away from her true love? What if she picked up the staff and was not the true queen?

Loved the darkness of the book. This book may be a young adult book about faeries, but it is told with more of an edge. Great characters, mortal and fey. I loved how Aislinn stood up for herself. And even when it looks hopeless, she still fights to keep what is most important to her. She doesn't just drop down and play the role that she is suppose to, she fights back.
Aislinn's relationship with Keenan is just as exciting as her relationship with Seth. I felt for both men in her life. Keenan is used to women dropping at his feet and he is thrown so off guard when Aislinn wants nothing to do with him. Seth has played the friend role so long it's hard for Aislinn to totally give herself to him. Both men are extremely good looking and each has an edges of their own. Seth, with the piercings and tattoo's. Keenan, being the Summer King, is confident and undeniably gorgeous. Both have been known to have their way with women, but both only want Aislinn.
Great read, you'll fly through it.

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